The History of FOD

The idea for the first FOD emerged at ROD in 1999, as a result of a request from the Danish Folk Dancers Players’ Circle to combine ROD with a dance competition for the same age group, a committee was set up consisting of: Anja Priest, Kathrine Vestergaard, David Quist and Katja Mikkelsen . They arranged the first FOD in September 1999 at Højby School. It only lasted a weekend and ended with an open house / concert at the school Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. 16. There were approx. 50 participants and one of the instructors was John Bæk.

In the following years, the FOD was held once a year, with the exception of the year 2001, when the working group had to cancel because of too few participants. Stik opposite, FOD 2014 set a record with 98 participants at the Tarup School in Odense. Here the FOD lasted from Friday 10th to Tuesday 14th October, with a closing show on Monday evening.

FOD through time


Instructors: Andreas Ralsgård, Anders Underdal Holm

Theme: Finnskog’s music

Ball band: Ostinat Expressen

Number of participants: 129


Instructors: Martin Myhr, Birthe Jørgensen, Einar Olav Larsen, Ivan Damgård.

Ballband: Kristine Heebøll, Clara Tesch and Rasmus Nielsen

Number of participants: about 120


Instructors: David Boulanger, Jonathan Dour, Floriane de Pottier, Jean François Berthiaume

Balband: De Fries & D. Beck and Lilian and Gitte Vammen

Number of participants: about 130


Instructors: Perry Stenbäck, Anja Præst and Carsten Jørgensen

Ball band: Pindstrup & Groot

Number of participants: 93


Instructors: Caitlín Nic Gabhann, Karen Tweed and Liam Robinson

Ball band: Music director Rasmussen’s orchestra

Number of participants: 98


Instructors: Jacek Halas, Kirstine Sand and Christian Thorvaldsen.

Additional instructor (Saturday and Sunday): Andrzej Krejniuk

Ball band: Rannok

Number of participants: 92


Instructors: Pia Qvarnström, Bent Melvej and Magne Kleiveland

Ball band: Triassic

Number of participants: 95


Instructors: Hermann Haertel, Hélène Moëlo and Valentin Arnold

Balband: Heebøll & Vinther

Number of participants: 46


Instructors: Antti Järvelä, Esko Järvelä and Paula Kettu

Balband: Trias and Hang

Number of participants: 61


Instructors: Klaus Pindstrup, Rasmus Nielsen and Mie Nielsen

Ballband: Rune Colin, Pia Nygaard and Nina Veng

Number of participants: 32


Instructors: Kenneth Krak, Birthe Jørgensen and Henrik Jansberg

Ball band: The Danish dance band

Number of participants: 50



Fredrik Lundberg (S) Class Anders Haglund (S) Christian Thorvaldsen (DK)

Ball band: Baltinget

Number of participants: 39


Instructors: Krauka and Kristian Bugge

One day co-instructor: Kenneth Krak

Headband: Krauka

Number of participants: 42


Instructors: Jacek Halas, Maren Hallberg and Henrik Larsen

Ball band: Stafivia

Number of participants: 66


Instructors: Henrik Jansberg, Gunner Friis and Tubas Løkkegaard

Ball band: FLOR


Instructors: Tubas Løkkegaard and Jens Drewsen

Number of participants: approx


Ball band: Long links

Number of participants: 15





Instructors: Per Bo (DK) Lotte-Tina (DK) Petra (S)

Number of participants: approx.50