What is FOD?

FOD is a camp for young people between 16 and 30 with an interest in folk music and dance, or just the courage to try! The great strength of FOD is that there is a bond between folk musicians and dancers, whether they are newcomers or experienced. The participants of FOD participate in Group Play and Big Orchestra/Big Dance, in which they work together until the final show. Along the way, you encounter fun workshops, sudden jam sessions and dance and ball.

Group Play
At FOD both dancers and musicians work together in small groups where you jointly arrange some tunes with associated dance, or dance with related tunes.

Great Orchestra / Big Dance
In addition to the Group Play there will be Big Orchestra and Big Dance, where all participants will be instructed in music and dance by external instructors. Big Orchestra and Big Dance take place at the same time, so you choose one – and it doesn’t have to be what you are most experienced in!

There will be several workshops during FOD – some will be arranged by the instructors, others by external persons and others by participants (also called “fødderne”). The workshops can consist of dance and music, but also of everything else, from e.g. massage to juggling. So, if you have a good idea, you are more than welcome to hold a workshop yourself during FOD – the topic is completely free!

One of the evenings there will be a ball where a folk group plays for dance – anyone can join and there will typically be a ball-workshop where you can acquire some basic skills for the dance floor.

FOD culminates in a show where all participants demonstrate what they have been working on – both in the groups and with the Big Orchestra / Big Dance. It is always a bold and intense experience to show the work to family, friends and other interested people – and last but not least to see what the other groups have been working on.

Jam session and dance
In addition to the scheduled program there will be free beats for jamming and dancing, chatting with new and old friends, drinking a beer (or two), singing a song or just having a good time – all day and night!