The Association FOD

FOD is an association with the purpose of organizing the folk music and dance festival FOD once a year, thereby strengthening the unity and social relationships among young people interested in folk music and dance.
The board (often referred to as the "working group") is elected at the annual general meeting held in connection with the FOD festival. As a participant in the FOD festival, you automatically become a member of the FOD association until the next year's festival and can thereby run for the board. If you have not participated in the year's FOD festival, it is possible to join the FOD association through a written request and payment of the membership fee. All members of FOD's board work voluntarily.

The current Working Group

  • Sonja Møller

  • Andreas Asmild

  • Ask Rosenkilde

  • Chott Andersen

  • 'Clea Hjortskov

  • Ib Toftkær Muurmann

  • Johanna Mathilda Hammerlund

  • Leo Friis Larsen